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Garden Diamonds
Combination to inspire. All gardeners want to create an exciting contrast of colour, form and texture. However, pairing plants in a beautiful or dramatic fashion is not always easy. Here we present our new series of perfectly growing combination plants with amazing looks: “Garden Diamonds” is an outstanding proposal for combinations like Bidens Hot &amp; Spicy, Vepita Scarlet and Euphorbia Diamond Frost. These suggestions will surprise you all summer long! Try it and love it!<br /><br />
Diamond Frost
Vepita Fire Red
Hot & Spicy Improved
Diamond Frost

Like a drift of summer snow, this plant is probably our most award-winning variety. Two small, white petals blossom from each stem – a very distinctive flower that blossoms through to autumn. Diamond Frost is your best choice for any kind of plant combination.

Height x spread/Trail: 40 x 40 cm