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More than just international


Very few plants are as thoroughly selected as Proven Winners. Two to three years of trials and testing goes into the selection process at development facilities in the United States and Canada and test sites in Europe, South Africa, and Japan. Is it worth our while? It is, because the result is plants so excellent that they are protected by patents.
We love to experiment and we are proud of bringing you unique, top-performing varieties and novelties!

[Translate to Swedish:] Our secret formula?

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Thanks to the rigorous selection process described above, Proven Winners breeds strong and vigorous varieties which require reduced amounts of insecticides and fungicides, translating into a lower environmental impact. A plant with poor genetics or limited performance needs more chemical inputs to survive and thrive. Being more resistant to disease and pests, Proven Winners plants have higher heat- and humidity tolerance and perform well in a range of different climates and environments.

So, what’s our secret formula?
Selective breeding and testing gives low maintenance plants without any need for chemicals.

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Eco-friendly gardening

[Translate to Swedish:] START HEALTHY – STAY HEALTHY.

[Translate to Swedish:] If you want your gardening to be eco-friendly, you need to choose healthy, strong plants.
Every Proven Winners is screened of all plant disease and infectious organisms before it reaches the garden centre, so we are safe in the knowledge that we did our best to ensure that our plants are perfectly healthy.
This way, we take care of both our plants and you as a grower: using healthier plants, you will have greater chances of success in growing and decorating your garden or terrace. Because a better garden begins with a better plant.

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Happy gardening!

[Translate to Swedish:] NOW LET’S HAVE SOME FUN.

[Translate to Swedish:] Beauty, quality and creativity are the three keys to success when it comes to gardening.

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Our plants help you achieve beautiful results and maximum satisfaction with minimal effort. Proven Winners plants are easy to grow and care for, which makes them suitable for enthusiastic beginners, keen experts, and pro gardeners alike – we guarantee green-fingered triumphs and green-eyed neighbours!

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green space

Whether you have a large garden, a small terrace or a flower box on your window sill, you can transform your green space throughout the seasons. 
All you need to do now is pick your favourite varieties and colours, choose your style, and give free rein to your creativity.

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easy to care

We don’t just take care of our plants – we like to take care of the people who grow them, too. Our aim is to make our plants as easy to grow and maintain as possible, so you can enjoy your gardening experience to the fullest.